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Nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars of our health. In the pharmacy and parapharmacy, our professionals will advise you on what products are necessary to achieve optimal nutrition at any stage of your life.

Dietetics and sport

Getting fit, supplementing an athlete’s diet or losing weight are some of the milestones that you can achieve thanks to the variety of products you will find in our space.

In addition, you will also be able to purchase a wide range of organic products, gluten-free, specific for vegans, etc.


Sant Eloi Pharmacy offers our customers a wide range of homeopathic products for those who are looking for a more natural alternative to conventional medicines.

Body treatments

We have to take full care of our body. For this reason we have in our space all kinds of products to give you the treatment you need

Facials and makeups

Visit us and take the opportunity to find the most popular cosmetics brands in a single place. With all this variety it will be very easy to find a suitable facial treatment for your needs and an appropriate makeup.


Dermocosmetics is the association of two branches of science that include the research and technological advances in Dermat ology and Cosmetics. It covers the needs of a skin that constantly changes and gives us the tolerance of a product that can be applied daily.


Discover all the new perfumes from the most exclusive cosmetics brands

Childcare and maternity

Both the mother and the baby have a privileged space at our parapharmacy, where to acquire all the necessary products for this beautiful stage.

Phytotherapy and aromatherapy

Our aromatherapy section is the largest and most complete one of the Principality, where you can enjoy a variety of brands and products that are alternative to traditional medicine.


After an injury you can come to our parapharmacy were you will find all kinds of orthopedic products and footwear to help you recover. You will find crutches, knee pads, elbow pads, tibial protectors for skiers and much more.

Prescription medicines

At Sant Eloi Pharmacy you will find all the medicines prescripted by your doctor and a wide range of foreign medications


At the veterinary section you will find all kinds of items that will meet the needs of your pet, from antiparasitic collars, veterinary medications or specific feeding.

Master formulations

A master formulation is a medicine dedicated to one specific patient, elaborated by a pharmacist or under his direction, to explicitly complement a detailed medical prescription

Other services

Levels control

Know your cholesterol, glucose and triglyceride levels in only three minutes. Discover our fast, reliable and simple method.

PDS elaboration

PDS elaboration (Personal Dosing System)
Obtain in a controlled way all your monthly medication as well as all the information required to make good use of it.

Beauty rooms

Let yourself be taken care and relax with our range of treatments at the central room of our parapharmacy space.

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